Short Resume From Vertext Fitness

From 2015, VERTEX FITNESS activities started by cooperated with IFBB-Armenia in holding workshops in Yerevan,. In 2017 we registered VERTEX FITNESS in Tbilisi-Georgia and we held many workshops while having very good cooperation with Georgian IFBB . The company has developed new training methods that are being developed and expanded through training to trainers in different countries.






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Meet some of our instractors ...

Bahador Cham

Group Exercise & Martial Artists

Bahador cham was born in iran . He has MA in sport physiology and exercise science . He is proffesional group exercise trainer . He is also a martial artist and has 5th dan in Shotokan Karate from Japan shotokan Karate association . He experienced in wushu , football , Dart , and many other sports.

Nazgol Porakhlaghi

Group Exercise & Functional Fitness

Nazgol porakhlaghi was born in Iran tehran on 1989. she is professional Group exercise trainer and functional fitness coach from AIKARO sports . Also she Certifies as MASTER TRAINER from VERTEX FITNESS in ERT PUMP . she also is a choreographer in dancing.